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Update 1.6.4 : New mode in Car Factory - restoration cars and chinese new year!

Hi! In this update, we welcome the Chinese New Year and add the car restoration mode!  The game theme has been changed to celebrate the Chinese New Year! The mode selection screen (Classic or Car Restoration) will now appear when starting the game. The new mode (Car Restoration) is currently only available in beta! Jump into the game and see the new changes :
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Car Factory: Game Version 1.6.2 - New winter event, new feature : daily free bonus, bug fixes!

Welcome! Let's start with the fact that we know it's been a while since the last update and we apologize for that. And now to the point today, an update has been released in which a winter event has been added, a daily free bonus, Christmas main music has been added and bugs have been fixed! Below are some screenshots from the current version : 

Car Factory: Game Version 1.5.9 - New theme, new feature : Shop, epic chance on rullete, bonus for download JAS!

  Hello, a lot has changed in this update! The basic theme of the game has been changed.  From now on the store is finally available and we can buy themes or pendants in it and in the future probably other things! An epic chance to receive an epic item has been added, when we get common items for a long time, the epic chance will activate and we will receive epic item!  From this update, a notification about JAS! is shown when starting the game, when we download the game we get a bonus of 50 million coins!

Thanks for 100+ downloads on Google Play Store!

  We are very happy that car factory achieved 100+ downloads on Google Play Store! Thank you very much for downloading our game! We're flying for 500+ downloads! ⚔️ ADIOMI GAMES ⚔️

Car Factory: Game Version 1.5.5 - New feature : Taxes!

We added a taxes in this update! Every month you will have to pay a tax based on the money you have. The calendar displays the current year, month and day of the year. When the bar above the calendar has reached its end, a new day begins.

Car Factory: Game Version 1.5.4 - Three new music theme, click improvement and roulette opening counter!

Hi! In this update we added three new music:  Tule - Fearless Unkown brain - superhero Unkown brain - What do I? We improved clicking the AG coin previously, when we clicked it was about one click per second, now every click is counted! And the last thing we've added a roulette open counter, from now on you will know how many roulette you have opened.

Car Factory Official discord server!

          We officially announce the opening of our server on Discord! Join now by clicking here :  Discord

Car Factory: Game Version 1.5.3 - x2 money for ad!

  Hi! In this update, we're introducing a double coin bonus for watching an ad after crafting and producing a car!  Previously, when we created and produced the car, advertisements appeared every five productions, now the advertisements will not appear by themselves and we can get a bonus for watching it :)

Car Factory: Game Version 1.5.2 - Improve graphics and bug fixes!

Hi, not much has changed in this update, but the graphics in the game have improved and we fixed some bugs! Download and try the new version of Car Factory now! What's in the next update? - Car factory store - Game themes - Factory hangers - Drop boxes

Car Factory is finally on google play store!

After such a long time, we announce that officially the car factory is now in the play store! No need to wait download now and play just now!

Car Factory: Game Version 1.5.0 - What are you waiting for? Let's play on roulette!

Another day, another update! Today we added a new feature to the game, now you play on a roulette for 5 million coins for one play or for watching advertisements. You can get more coins from the roulette or get new fans! Soon the car factory will appear in the google play store!

Car Factory: Game Version 1.4.8 - Create your own profile avatar!

Hi, today we publish update in which you can create your own avatar by entering your profile seetings. Change his skin color, hair, lips, clothes color and pattern! We also changed the icons in the profile section. Soon the car factory will appear in the google play store!

Car Factory: Game Version 1.4.7 - End of beta!

The latest Car Factory update is here! and with it a new factory color modification function! The new game code is "summer_2020". All codes are: "cf_2020", "summer_2020" and "restart". The last command has been entered to reset the game, but it is not recommended to use it because it will clear all achievements and save the game. And the first and second give the player free gifts in the form of coins.

Car Factory official game trailers!

Car Factory | Android Game Car Factory - Official Game for Android

New update - > V_1.4.5 <- Added new function: manager company!

What's new in the latest version?  A new feature has been added that allows you to manage a virtual company, you can improve it and produce more cars and earn more!  You can name the company as you like in the latest version! Good luck in managing your company ;) ⚔️ ADIOMI GAMES ⚔️

Car Factory!

Make cars! Sell ​​them yourself or give the project to someone else! Take part in numerous auctions! In this game you can design cars, prepare them for sale and decide whether you want to cover production costs yourself or transfer the car design to another seller.